Where are your ingredients sourced from?

The ingredients in our treats are sourced from many countries around the world but none are from China. You can find the sources of our ingredients in our treats' respective product pages! 

Why did you choose to use paper packaging and stainless steel containers rather than plastic like most other brands out there?

We are a brand that strongly supports sustainability. We made the decision to not use any type of plastic in our packaging to do our part in reducing plastics waste. Our paper packaging can be fully recycled including the stickers that we use to seal them. Please recycling the boxes instead of throwing them away!

How many treats can they eat per day?

Treats should make up no more than about 10% of your dog's daily diet. As our treats have different sizes and ingredients, the amount to feed your dog will be to your discretion. 

How do I store the treats? How long can I keep them for?

Our treats do not contain any preservatives so their shelf life is shorter than commercial dog treats. Our baked treats can  be stored in the fridge for up to a week or in the freezer for up to 2 months. Our dehydrated treats can be stored in room temperature for up to 2 weeks or in the freezer for up to 6 months. 

Can I just leave your treats in its original packaging? 

Once you receive our treats, we recommend transferring them from their original paper packaging to an airtight container to maintain freshness. You can use your own airtight container or purchase our stainless steel, freezer-safe container.

Do I need to defrost or heat up the baked treats before giving them?

Our baked treats can be given frozen, defrosted, or heated up. Each style has their own perks! Frozen treats make a great summer snack, defrosted treats have a softer and chewier texture, whereas heated treats will taste and smell even more amazing!

I want to learn more about your monthly donations!

We donate 5% of our revenue to different shelters every month, as opposed to 5% profit. What this means is that we donate 5% of our income rather than 5% of what is left after we minus from our monthly expenses. We will be earning less... but will be giving more to the shelters - which I think is much more meaningful.