Food waste makes up a third of the trash going to landfills in Hong Kong. It is the largest category of waste, accounting for 3.9 million tons of trash in 2017.

In the commercial/industrial setting, many of the food that gets discarded as waste were not rotten or inedible at all, but may be unwanted due to minor issues such as discolourations, bumps and scratches, being the incorrect cut, etc. 

To tackle the food waste problem, Furry Green rescues these perfectly fine, but unwanted, food and upcycles them into ingredients to make fresh and delicious dog food. To support their wonderful mission, we partnered up to create the Pawesome Treats collection at Gem's Kitchen & Bakery.


Not only are all the treats in this collection made from upcycled ingredients, 50% of its profits will also be donated to a list of organizations that supports food upcycling and sustainable living.


The monthly donation will be rotated between the organizations listed below:

Green Hour HK

Feeding Hong Kong