Gem's Kitchen & Bakery started with my love for dogs, and in particular, my dog Gem. She taught me what it meant to give and receive unconditional love, and all I wanted was to give her the very best.

I used to give treats to Gem without much thought what they were made of. I did not realize how most commercial treats were made with chemical additives, flavourings, preservatives, and other questionable ingredients that not only provided little nutritional value, but might even be detrimental to her health. From then on, I decided to take it upon myself to bake my own treats so I know exactly what I am feeding her.


Although Gem has already crossed the rainbow bridge many years ago, I still think of her every day. All my treats are made with her in mind, so rest assured that all the treats you find here are made with the love and consideration of a dog parent who has their dogs' best interest in mind.  

- Jacklyn