At Gem's Kitchen & Bakery, you can find nutritious, handcrafted dog treats that are made with traceable and responsibly sourced ingredients.

All our treats are guaranteed free of additives and preservatives. 

No junk food, no nasty ingredients. Your dogs deserve the best.

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Handcrafted | Nutritious | Delicious

Only the best for your dogs.

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A more sustainable and eco-friendly world requires the conscious decisions of consumers AND businesses. We are here to do our part, which is why we guarantee that NO plastics of any kind will be used in our packaging.

Let's all do our part to reduce waste ♡

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In support of the amazing work they do for our furry friends, we will donate 5% of our revenue to local animal shelters at the end of every month. Your every purchase contributes to our monthly donations - thank you for supporting adoption!

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